Thank you for your interest in FAFSA: The How-To Guide for High School Students
(And the Adults Who Help Them).

Unfortunately, we are out of free printed guides for the current FAFSA season. Our limited supply is gone.

Copies of the guide are available for download at www.understandingFAFSA.org. We have PDFs in ten languages. Please share this link widely and use the material in any way you wish.

In addition, we encourage you to print and distribute your own guides. We can provide high-resolution PDFs that are ideal for high-quality printers and professional copy shops.

Again, thank you for your interest in the guide! Let us know how you use the guide – and any ways it can be improved! Email Kim Nauer at nauerk@newschool.edu with any questions or comments. And please do feel free to request printer-friendly files, if needed. Happy to help.